ACHIEVEMENTS & RECORDS OF BTS IN A MONTH [ONLY 피땀눈물 ERA] #수고했어BTS Best selling Kpop album of 2016 on Hanteo Chart with 473,000 albums sold (As of 161031)  Highest charted Kpop full album on US iTunes Overall Albums Chart for WINGS at #1 Most first day album sales on the Hanteo Chart for WINGS with... Continue Reading →


BTS Breaking Records

ACHIEVEMENTS AFTER ACHIEVEMENTS!!! I'M SO PROUD OF THEM! I knew they would have take back that first place after all the achievements they accomplish which created a buzz since a lot of major station have covered a news about them. They have become more known into the public even for those who aren't into idol... Continue Reading →

Let’s soar high together with BTS

Topping charts not only physical albums but also digital this time too on Korean chart where they had most difficult time doing so in the past. I'm very much happy!!! CONGRATULATIONS BTS!!!! And to my co-ARMYs!!! let's all celebrate the teamwork & hardwork that both K-ARMYs & I-ARMYs have done to reward the boys these... Continue Reading →

DOPE MV Review

Firstly, I hate it when people always think that simplicity equals cheap. **So I'm writing this to answer the mv review that I read (I couldn't find the link anymore TT^TT )** Like others said in the comments, Big Hit isn't a large company so of course their budget is lower than more known companies.... Continue Reading →


One of the brightest and the biggest Korean boy group widely known as BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan rocks MOA Arena last July 30, 2016. As I was one of the lucky ARMYs who witnessed a show with the most explosive production, near-perfect choreography and glorious visuals - all equivocally matched with the passion and energy... Continue Reading →

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