Black Pink in Your Area



There is not enough words to explain how happy & thankful I am for all the Blinks and other fandom that helped achieved these records.

1 Million Likes Under 24 Hours ✔

13+ Million Views In 24 Hours ✔

3 Million Subscribers ✔

If some of you guys didn’t realize, YG style always release 2 music videos with almost every comeback so with only 1 music video this time around this was our chance to break an actual record and it’ll probably be awhile before we see another single from BlackPink, we couldn’t miss such an opportunity like this and I’m a proud Blink that got my wish for all these achievements.

I would like to thank all the fandoms for participating in this 24 hour event! This was a day not to forget and I had alot of fun reading comments and seeing fandoms come together and become closer as we set records before our eyes.

We have alot to still work on and us Blinks will try our best to give back endless support to all other fandoms when their group has comebacks as well.

Records are meant to be broken and we expect BlackPinks records to be broken eventually too so we can have endless broken records for the sake of K-pop’s growth. For all the Blinks and supporters who hasn’t slept, please take a long rest because I know how it felt all day staying up to support BlackPink with so many replays throughout the day. I hope to participate in other groups record breaking to have the same experience to unite as one. Thank you for Everything and Thank you Papa YG for making an amazing Girl Group. Love from a Fellow Blink.




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