BTS Breaking Records




I knew they would have take back that first place after all the achievements they accomplish which created a buzz since a lot of major station have covered a news about them. They have become more known into the public even for those who aren’t into idol groups.

They are the very much example that a group could be successful not because you are in one of the Big Companies. This has been highlighted so many times in the news that it makes my heart filled with joy.

* 500,000 album pre-orders

* 100,000+ first day of sales ( pre-orders not included )

* Broke Vapp prior to live pre-show with 3 mil views, 2 mil comments, and 95 mil hearts.

* Hit All-kill as soon as it release.

* All tracks made it to top 15 charts.

* #1 on real-time trends on severeal sites after release

* #1 Album on iTunes Chart on 97 countries!

* #1 MV on US iTunes Chart

* #1 on QQ Music & YinYueTai Charts in China despite zero promotions

* Most Watch Kpop Group MV within the first 24 hrs (6.3 million views)

* Fastest Kpop MV to reach 10 million views (41 hours)

* Fastest Kpop boy group MV to reach 20 million views

* First Kpop Act to enter Official UK Chart ranked #62 (UK Version of Billboard)

* #19 on Canadian Billboard 200 (BTS is the only group to be on this chart)

* First Kpop Act with three entries on Billboard

* #1 Billboard World Album Chart

* #1 Billboard Digital Songs Chart (All 15 tracks are included, BST being no. 1)

* #1 Billboard Social 50 Chart


* #1 on 5 Gaon Weekly Chart!

  * #1 Album Chart

  * #1 Digital Chart

  * #1 Online Download Chart

  * #1 Gaon Social Chart

  * #1 Weibo Group Popularity Chart

 * BTS enters Youtube Music Top 100

 * #6 Artist

 * #17 Music Video

* #14 Tracks

* Show Champion, Mnet Countdown, Music Bank wins!!!

* #1 October Singer Brand Reputation (Boy Groups + Girl Groups)

All these are very much well deserved!!! I know that these boys would always say that it is ARMYs awards, but it is their hardwork, and kind hearts that makes us fall in love with them and become their fan, who wanted nothing but success for them! Thank you Bangtan for existing! You are a blessing to us all. We will be your bulletproof to any haters that try to discredit you.


ARMY fam Let’s all achieve all-kill & triple crown wins on music shows! please vote & help as much as you can! fighting!~


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