DOPE MV Review

Firstly, I hate it when people always think that simplicity equals cheap.

**So I’m writing this to answer the mv review that I read (I couldn’t find the link anymore TT^TT )**

Like others said in the comments, Big Hit isn’t a large company so of course their budget is lower than more known companies. But also the author failed to realize that this music video clearly was made in a way to emphasize the choreography.


And the costumes were made to represent hard working people.


Jin is a doctor. Doctor’s spend years in medical school learning about the body and medicines, some difficult things, in order to become what they are.


Cops, which is Jungkook’s costume, have to go into training and put aside their safety needs in order to keep others safe. And that’s what Dope was talking.


They talk about how others were partying and having fun while they were working hard to achieve success.


I think their costumes and the song lyrics are a thick enough plot alone for a video that consists predominantly choreography.


And also Hobie’s stumbling entrance was on purpose. And honestly that was the only time I seen him stumble.


The author did a poor job on this review. It clearly lacked observation and was biased.


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